ConnQuest Dobermans is forever thankful and grateful to all the owners of our dogs. The owners commitment to giving their dogs a wonderful home is greatly appreciated!

Am/CanCh ConnQuest Audacious – AUDI

Am/CanCh ConnQuest Wanted Dead Or Alive – COWBOY

CanCh ConnQuest Bad Medicine – HOGAN

Am/CanCh ConnQuest Lay Your Hands On Me – VEGA

Am/CanCh ConnQuest No Apologies – EIJA

Am/CanCh ConnQuest Welcome To The Show V Kelview – EMMA

Am/CanCh ConnQuest Daenerys V Kelview – KHALEESI

AmCh ConnQuest Kingslayer V Kelview – JAKE

Am/CanCh ConnQuest Red Dragon V Kelview – CHERRY

Am/CanCh ConnQuest First Round Knockout – DRAGO

Am/CanCh ConnQuest Fallen Angel – SIMI

CanCh ConnQuest Armageddon It – RIOT

Am/CanCh ConnQuest Life Starts Now – REESE

AmCh ConnQuest Struck By A Star CD ROM – AVA

AmCh Riot ROM – KK

BIS RBIS GChCan/AmCh/CanAltCh ConnQuest Baby I’m a Star CGN, SD-S, NTD, NS, CA, S – HARLEY

KorCh/CanCh ConnQuest Fandolas Madonna – Madonna

Am/CanCh ConnQuest Lets Get Rocked – ROCK

MBISS GChCan/Am ConnQuest Love And Affection – LEILA

Am/CanCh ConnQuest I Want It All V Kelview – DEACON

MBISS AmGChB/CanCh ConnQuest Seagroove V Kelview – MAUI

Am/CanCh ConnQuest All The Right Reasons V Kelview – CHAD

CanCh ConnQuest Runnin With The Devil – EDEN

CanCh ConnQuest Sweet Charmer – HUGO

GChCan ConnQuest Girl Gone Bad – EVE

CanCh ConnQuest Turn It On Again – RUMOUR

CanCh ConnQuest Like it or Not CGN, NS – NINA

MBIS MBISS GChBAm/GChCan ConnQuest Best Of Both Worlds – PENNY